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Want to tell us about transportation or mobility needs at a specific location?

View the interactive map and comment about specific locations to help us understand your needs and concerns.


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Using the Santa Clarita Transportation Development Plan Interactive Map

Use the instructions below to add pins with information about locations in the Santa Clarita Valley that you feel need to be addressed in the Transportation Development Plan.  For example, use the Interactive Map to show us things like:

  • Specific locations that need transit service,
  • Specific locations where you would like to see a bus stop,
  • Specific locations that need a change in transit service,
  • Specific locations that need pedestrian improvements, and
  • Specific locations where you would like to see transit information available.

Keep in mind that everything you place on the map will be available to the public, so do not put any personal or identifying information in your description.



Click on the interactive map link.

Click the “plus” button in the top right of the window to add a pin.


When the Add Entry window opens, begin with Entry Name. This is what you will call the location in which you would like to comment. It can be the formal name of a location (such as the name of a school or business).


If your location name is recognized, select the correct location from the drop down suggestions. This will fill in the location box automatically.  You can also enter the name as the type of location such as “School” or “Park” or “Grocery store.” This will not automatically suggest a location. In this case, or if your entry’s location is not shown, type the Location as an address or pair of cross streets. The program will usually find the address or cross streets along with city, state and zip code for you to click.


If you prefer click the “Map Select a location” button below the Location box, to instead choose the location by clicking your mouse on the map. Click OK to dismiss the browser notification instructing you to click on map to select location. Now click where you want your pin to be.


Once you have identified the location, write a comment in the Description box. Your comment should describe the need for transportation or transit service at this location. Do not enter personal information as this will be publically accessible.


Do not add a photo. The marker should remain red.


Click submit when finished editing your entry.


The Entry Added window appears. If you would like to make changes in the future to your edit, copy the URL in the Entry Added window and save for future use.


Click Close in the Entry Added window.  Click Close in the Add Entry window.


To add another pin, simply repeat this process.

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