Message from the City Council

City CouncilThe City of Santa Clarita Transit has enjoyed extraordinary success since 1991, thanks to the strong support from our community, elected officials, and loyal customers. Since completing its first year of service in the Santa Clarita Valley over 20 years ago, City of Santa Clarita Transit has become a highly-modernized, award-winning transportation provider with over 3.7  million riders annually.

As we continue to grow, great things are happening with the City’s Transit system.  There are several major initiatives and studies on the drawing board designed to improve transit services and the quality of life for our community in a sustainable manner for years to come.

The City of Santa Clarita Transit is dedicated to being responsive to the growing needs of our community and our riders, making it easier and more  convenient than ever to use our service. We invite you to try City of Santa Clarita Transit and tell us how we’re doing.

City Council

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