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EZ Transit Pass and TAP

EZ Transit Pass and TAP Video
EZ transit pass is moving to TAP on August 25th.

Paper EZ transit passes will no longer be available.  You must now have a TAP card in order to purchase your EZ transit pass from one of our 4 locations in Santa Clarita. If you are a Senior/Disabled rider, please be sure to apply now for a Senior/Disabled TAP card so you can continue to buy your EZ transit pass at a reduced rate.
Purchase and electronically load Santa Clarita Transit monthly local, commuter, or day passes to TAP or EZ transit passes online at taptogo.net.

Purchase and electronically load Santa Clarita Transit passes and EZ Transit Passes at various Pass Sale Outlets around the Santa Clarita Valley. Hours of operation vary for each location. Please call and confirm before visiting.

For more information about TAP, visit taptogo.net
Please allow 7-10 days for process and delivery of mail orders, and up to 48 hours for electronic passes to be available on TAP. Santa Clarita Transit assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged passes. NO refunds will be given. Santa Clarita Transit does not offer a reduced fare for students under TAP’s Reduced Fare program.

Click on chart below to see a larger version of “PASS SALES LOCATIONS”

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