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What is a Transportation Development Plan?

A Transportation Development Plan (TDP) addresses the transportation needs of the growing Santa Clarita Valley (SCV) community, both now and across the next 10 years. To develop an effective plan, the City will be undertaking a variety of community activities including surveys and public meetings. Resident input from the four incorporated and three unincorporated areas of the Santa Clarita Valley will help ensure the Plan is representative of the community’s needs. This project represents an update to the City’s prior TDP, completed in 2013.


Why is the City updating the Plan now?

The community has expanded tremendously in the past five years. New residential and business developments have been completed, or are just beginning construction, all across the Santa Clarita Valley. With more people working and living in the community, we will need transportation options that better reflect the needs of our residents, visitors, and commuters.

The overarching goal of the City’s 2018 Transportation Development Plan is to ensure Santa Clarita Transit meets the mobility needs of the community both now and across a 10-year planning horizon. It includes an analysis of the City’s three transit modes: local fixed-route, commuter fixed-route and demand-response. Through community engagement, the City seeks to find solutions to global and community-specific transit/mobility concerns.


The City began the planning process in April 2018.  Since then we have completed several analysis and data collection activities, and we are actively developing recommendations for the City’s transit program.  The Plan is expected to be completed in early 2019.


How can I participate?

You can participate by attending community workshops, taking the online community survey, reviewing project materials, providing your comments and sharing information about this project along with upcoming events.  The more feedback we receive from the community, the better the Plan will reflect the community’s mobility needs and priorities.


Several public workshops will take place in February 2019

An initial round of workshops and presentations took place in June 2018.  A second round of workshops and presentations will be held February 7-9 2019 (watch the Event Calendar page for more details). The draft plan will be presented for review and comment in early 2019.


What if I have questions?

This page will be updated throughout the project, so check back frequently or follow us to get all the latest information.  Be sure to click on the Document Library tab to view project-related files and documents. You can also submit questions or comments on the Contact Us page of this site.


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